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Confused About Whole Vs Term Life Insurance?

Lost in the world of Complex Acronyms?

Trying to Decide how to compute the Future Value of an Opaque Investment?

Looking for stories about how others handle their decision?​

Calculating best financial value for your dollar?​

​Being Pushed to buy an overpriced Permanent Policy?

Whole Vs Term Life Options

Your Life Insurance Issues are Our Main Concern:

Your Issue:

Complex and Confusing Insurance Concepts

Bogus Insurance Agent's Claims

Financial Projections that Don't Add up

Insurance Industry Claims that are missleading

Our Solution:

Simplified Explanations and Reduced Use of Acronyms

Honest and Fair Analysis

Demonstration of realistic financial numbers

Myth busting analysis

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About Whole vs Term Life Insurance .com

Whole vs Term was built out of the idea that the world of life insurance is both too confusing and prone to miss-selling.  

Most American need life insurance.   However, the life insurance industry can get in its own way pushing needlessly overpriced insurance products.

Why spend ten times as much for a similar product?

Term vs Whole Life

The Basics of Life Insurance

Term Life:

Simple, Affordable, Easy to Understand and Quick to Purchase Pure Insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Complex, Expensive, Hard to compare Life Insurance with an Investment Component.

The World of Life Insurance is Complex, Don't Get Lost.

About our Commitment to You the Client:

Needs Based Analysis Life Insurance

We believe in formulating needs based life insurance analysis.  We do not believe in putting our needs for a large commission first.   While we believe that whole life insurance can work for some families, we believe that mostly it is relegated to a financial few.  Simple, Affordable, Easy to procure Term life, is and should be the life insurance of the masses.

Our Goal for You the Client:

Time is on your side about Whole Vs Term

While we are willing to discuss with clients the value of different life insurance options, Shopping and Procuring Inexpensive Level Term Life Insurance is the goal of this insurance agency.   Term Life that fits their needs, their health, their lifestyle and the needs of their famiily.

Whether it be a ten year $250,000 life policy or a thirty year $1,000,000 policy, Whole Vs Term is here for you.  

Don't get mixed up in some form of life insurance that you neither want nor need.

Green Certified Business

California Green Business

We are Certified as a California Green Business.

Accomplishing our green certification takes an initial amount of time and a yearly ongoing commitment.  We have removed over 95% of our waste of this business by moving to electronic signature capture and electronic data files.   We are proud to utilize green cleaning products and full recycling.   We have been certified by the State of California.

More about Whole Vs Term Life Insurance.

A Highly Regarded Insurance Firm

Scott W Johnson and Marindependent Insurance Services LLC time and again has received accolades from his clients.  Don't just trust anyone.

Yelp Review

"Scott is on it with the best insurance advice you can get."

Yelp Review

"Scott was so very helpful, friendly and informative. There customer service is great and they kept me informed of every option available to me every step of the process."

Yelp Review

"I got the feeling Scott really did care about his customers. He gave me some great advice and was always quick to reply to any questions I had."

Yelp Review

"Scott was very professional and came through with a great policy. He is very responsive and takes time to answer all questions. Very happy. Would recommend highly"

Yelp Review

"Scott and Marindependent are true standouts in the insurance field."

Yelp Review

"Mr. Johnson's knowledge and experience was tremendously valuable to me and my family."

Yelp Review

"I went to Scott to get an unordinary insurance policy that wouldn't make him much money, and despite this, he was as professional, helpful, and communicative an agent as one could wish for. He followed through from application to qualification to the policy effective date, keeping me informed of the process along the way. I look forward to doing business with Scott again."

Linkedin Review

"We wouldn't have anyone else as our insurance agent and I highly recommend his services to all friends and family. I only wish he offered more services such as financial planning!"

Linkedin Review

"We consider him a trusted resource, and have really appreciated both his expert advice as well as how personable and professional he is to work with."

Linkedin Review

"Scott is a natural leader with wealth of knowledge in many insurance service products."

Articles Written in the National Press

Whole Vs Term Life Insurance in the SF Chronicle

Why Stay at Home Parents Should Buy Life Insurance

"When it comes to life insurance, it’s really important that stay-at-home spouses are not left out....​Many people incorrectly assume that these non-employed or lower-earning spouses don’t need life insurance."

By Scott W Johnson

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Auto Insurance Often for the Rich Often Covers and Costs More

"As you can imagine, policies for wealthy individuals, with higher limits and other perks, cost more.."​

By Scott W Johnson​

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Stuck in your Companies Group Life Plan - Consider  Your Options

"Covered by a group Term Life policy through your employer? Congratulations - not many people are. Take what you can get, but be careful depending on that form of life insurance as your only life insurance policy."  By Scott W Johnson

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Its Easy Being Green: Creating an Environmentally Friendly Agency

"How is your agency poised to take advantage of" green marketing trends?  "There is a simple set of steps you can take now that will not only benefit you and the environment but also me able to help your marketing efforts."  By Scott W Johnson

REFERENCED in the National Press

Whole Vs Term Life Insurance USA Today

Is It Every OK to Cancel your Life Insurance

"Often [whole life insurance policies] are dropped when people fail to see the 'gains' materialize that they thought would come out of them. There seems to be a general misunderstanding … about when the cash-value life insurance plans will actually begin to develop 'cash' in the cash account."​   Scott Johnson

Staples Article about Insurance

How Would You Handle These Emergencies?

"Reach out to your Insurance Broker and/or Agent.  sometime that day to explain the situation,”

Scott W Johnson​

Nerdwallet article about insurance

8 Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Life Insurance

“A lot of times you win one person over on the phone, and it just falls apart” when the other spouse becomes involved.

Scott W Johnson​

Nerdwallet article about insurance

Five Changes to Make When You Retire.

"Your coverage needs might also change if any of your adult children have come back to live with you, Johnson says."

Scott W Johnson​

ABC Article about Insurance

Parents Guide to Insurance for College Students

"Keep the student listed on your policy, so your son or daughter has coverage at home on breaks."

says Scott Johnson​

Whole Vs Term Life Insurance Dreaming of Baby Interview for pregnant moms

Thinking of Baby? Sort out Your Insurance First.

A full interview about life insurance considerations for people considering having children.

Set up your bills on autopay and consider buying term life before.

Whole Vs Term in Media

Top 25 Email Subject Line Tips & Examples From the Pros

" A much (better) subject line would be: “Pay Life Insurance Bill by Nov 15th or COVERAGE WILL END.” Often times, cold reality works better than polite candor."

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The World of Life Insurance is Complex, Don't Get Lost.

I will not sell Overpriced Life Insurance

I Won't Sell You an Overprice Insurance Product that You Neither Need Nor Want


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