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Information Gathered:

Information asked and gathered on this site are used basically to determine which insurance carriers and or product might be suitable to you and your family.   Insurance companies price their products differently based on a full variety of underwriting factors.   Those underwriting factors are numerous and complex.   Only after speaking with a licensed insurance agent will we have more information in regards to which carrier/carriers may be best for your given situation.   During this conversation the insurance agent will need to discuss your health, avocations, lifestyle, family history, driving history, and many other data points laid out by insurance companies and state law.

Should you have any questions  regarding the personal information submitted to WholeVsTermLifeInsurance – Marindependent Insurance Services LLC, please call us at 415-294-5454 or email us at

Does Marindependent/ Whole Vs Term Life Share My Personal Information?

We will never share your information with any third party for any reason, except to help you obtain insurance.   The exception to this is when, during times of high lead volume we share your lead information with a partner of ours.   Those partners have been screened and checked by us.

When applying for life insurance of any type you are expressly allowing Whole Vs Term Life Insurance and Marindependent Insurance Services LLC to share your information with certain Insurers and other insurance related vendors.

Will WholeVsTermLifeInsurance Provide My Personal Information to Insurance Companies?

Yes -When you explicitly allow and authorize us to begin the application process for you through through the carrier that you choose, then we will share your personal information.

How Will the Insurance Companies Use My Information Once I Authorize Its Release?

We gather personal information for the purposes of helping your secure the best life insurance policy.  That information is protected to the extent required by law and by our best practices.   When you authorize us to submit a life insurance application – that information will then be submitted to a given insurance company of your choosing.  That information will be used to authorize medical applications, appointments, driving records, credit information and full suite of related information as required by the insurance company and allowed by your state insurance regulator.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Does use “Cookies”?

Yes we do.  Cookies allow us to do multiple things, including but not limited to increasing security and assisting you in your life insurance shopping efforts.  Cookies also also certain forms to appear on the internet with general ease.

If you would rather not use cookies in your life insurance shopping effort, please either change your computer settings or call us to speak with us via phone.

I Fill Out the Quote Form – Now What?

Immediately you will see your life insurance quote.  This quote will provide the most accurate information possible given your answer and the open market proposed life insurance rates.  These life insurance rates are considered accurate, but not guaranteed.  No offer of insurance for life is guaranteed until you receive an offer of life insurance from a given life insurer.  This only happens after an entire insurance application is filled out.   This is typically done over the phone, however it can in theory be done in person in certain situations.

After you receive the quote, we will follow up with you via the contact information that you provide.

Once you complete a quote on this website you establishing a business relationship and you are giving us the right to contact you via email, landline phone, cell phone, etc.

About Our Blog and Accurate Information:

Reading about insurance on the internet it is possible that the information that you are reading is old, dated, slightly wrong, not pertinent to your situation or jurisdiction.  Whenever considering purchasing, changing, cancelling any form of life insurance, or annuity, or health insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, home insurance, business insurance, or any type of insurance whatsoever ALWAYS speak with a licensed insurance agent before making any decision.  Any decision to buy, cancel, or amend = SPEAK WITH AN AGENT.  General insurance blogs can not be the sole source of information that you use to make your decision as they generally speak to a non specific situation.

Information presented on this blog, is deemed to be accurate.  However with any information gathered, you should double check with multiple sources.

No information on this site may be copied, photographed, and used without Marindependent Insurance Services LLC written permission.
This article contains our entire privacy policy.  This policy document may change from time to time.  
Check back often to read updates.

When an instance that our privacy policy does not explicitly stay in line with federal, state, or local laws, insurance or otherwise than the enforcing regulation wins.   We strive to follow all US laws.

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Do You Have More or Other Questions about our Privacy Policy:

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