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We created this site to assist consumers to find, learn about, and procure independent life insurance.  We are open to individual analysis for consumers.  In general we have found that most Americans need some form of Term Life Insurance rather than their expensive cousin – Whole Life Insurance.  This site is dedicated to assisting Americans in making this decision.

We believe that Life Insurance, properly used, allows Americans to pay a small premium for a large risk protection.  Improperly used life insurance can weight down consumers finances and lead to an ill prepared retirement.   “Not all Life Insurance Agencies are Created Equal.”  We consider ourselves somewhat unique in that endeavor.  Term, Universal, Whole?   Indexed Universal, 30 Year Term, Single Whole Life?  10 Year, 15 Year, 20 Year, 25 Year, 30 Year, and beyond?  Why spend $3,000 per year when you can only spend $300?  Why use  your retirement savings to provide life insurance when you are retired?  Consider buying life insurance when you need it and retire the premiums when you do not.

If you have questions or concerns and wish to contact Whole Vs Term Life Insurance, either email us, or hit the contact button.  We also welcome general comments about particular articles in the comments box of the specific article.  If you have a detailed question feel free to send all corresponding documentation.  If your documents contain sensitive information, please kindly send them password protected.

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