A 2 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Written by Scott W Johnson

Are you crazy for wanting to buy a $2 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?This often not discussed coverage amount has been neglected for too long.What is the Same – What is Different. check Speak with a Specialist check Consider Affordability check Carefully Consider Coverage Who Needs a $2 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy? A two.. More

Stay at Home Dad Searches for Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

​A suburban Stay at Home Dad searches for Life Insurance – and argues with his wife the whole time.Will Rudy Eldgridge, a stay at home dad buy life insurance more because he truly needs it or because his wife insists on it?Do Stay at home parents really need life insurance?​How can stay at home dads.. More

Stay at Home Dads Life Insurance Calculation

Written by Scott W Johnson

How to Evaluate How Much Term Life Insurance you needHow to Calculate how much term coverage you should consider.What not to do… Buying life insurance can be difficult for some, but it does not need to be so.  Buying level term life insurance for stay at home dads should be a piece of cake.  But.. More

Stay at Home Dads and Their Need for Term Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

The One Aspect of Parenting You Do Not Want to Fail At…Working Moms and Dads need Life InsuranceNon Working Moms and Dads do TooStay at home Dads Can Ignore Term Life Insurance?  –  Why you could not be More Wrong. The internet is full of reminders that stay at home parents need life insurance and.. More

Shock Comes to Family that does Not Check Insurers Financial Strength Rating

Written by Scott W Johnson

But they learn Fast!When the Jacobs fail to check a Financial Strength Rating for an Insurance Company, they almost make a big mistake.But they quickly recover and make an informed intelligent decision. The need to buy life insurance is important.  But almost as important is the Need to Check a Financial Strength Rating​ of the.. More

The Top Ten Life Insurance Companies ranked by the Comdex.  The comdex is a ranking of financial strength ratings.  It compiles four different insurers ratings into one commingled rating.This poll of polls rates most of the life insurance companies in america.However, there may be some important considerations that you should be aware of before you.. More

Confused by life insurance?You are not alone.Life Insurance does not need to be so confusing.Choosing to ignore its complexity could cost you thousands… Life Insurance is Confusing for so many reasons.  I often feel bad for consumers as they attempt to make up their minds.  A good place to start is by reading 19 Great.. More

Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents

Written by Scott W Johnson

Whole Life Insurance has been around a long time.  However what was once a well oiled machine seems extremely dated by today’s financial standards.  It has been said, by many, that Whole Life Insurance is Sold and Term Life Insurance is bought.  There is a reason for this…But in order to buy term life insurance,.. More

7 Ways to Protect Yourself When Purchasing Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

For frequent readers of my blog and articles, this is a simple compilation of what we have discussed on numerous occasions.   The most recent post – Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents, reviewed 5 of the most common statements that are made about Cash Value Life Insurance plans – that are indeed often.. More


Written by Scott W Johnson

​Comdex Ratings: What it is and Can you Trust it?Comdex Rankings and their use with Financial Strength Ratings. The Comdex Score and why its important. What is the Comdex Score? Is the Comdex Score more important than an AM Best Rating What is a Comdex Score:A comdex score is “a composite score averaging the ratings of.. More