Confused by life insurance?You are not alone.Life Insurance does not need to be so confusing.Choosing to ignore its complexity could cost you thousands… Life Insurance is Confusing for so many reasons.  I often feel bad for consumers as they attempt to make up their minds.  A good place to start is by reading 19 Great.. More

Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents

Written by Scott W Johnson

Whole Life Insurance has been around a long time.  However what was once a well oiled machine seems extremely dated by today’s financial standards.  It has been said, by many, that Whole Life Insurance is Sold and Term Life Insurance is bought.  There is a reason for this…But in order to buy term life insurance,.. More

7 Ways to Protect Yourself When Purchasing Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

For frequent readers of my blog and articles, this is a simple compilation of what we have discussed on numerous occasions.   The most recent post – Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents, reviewed 5 of the most common statements that are made about Cash Value Life Insurance plans – that are indeed often.. More


Written by Scott W Johnson

Comdex Rankings and their use for Financial Strength Ratings. The Comdex Score and why its important. What is the Comdex Score? Is the Comdex Score more important than an AM Best Rating What is a Comdex Score:A comdex score is “a composite score averaging the ratings of the major insurance rating organizations.”These include AM Best,.. More

A Whole Life Insurance Story – Family Pushed to Buy Whole Life

Written by Scott W Johnson

This is a whole life story of whole life insurance.A family considers the complexities of purchasing whole life insurance and compare their specific numbers with simple level term life insurance and are surprised at the savings.Why is Whole Life so Expensive?Do we need life insurance during Retirement?​In order to buy whole life, we would have.. More

Captive – Independent?What matters and what doesn’t.   All about what Captive Insurance agents really think about Independents.Did you know that there are two different types of insurance agents?Want to learn how you can save hundreds on your life insurance bill?read on… Insurance is complicated business, needlessly complicated often times.  There is lots to know.. More

AM Best Rating Scale

Written by Scott W Johnson

​The AM Best Rating scale is a form of a Financial Ratings Scale that is specific to the AM Best Brand.   Below please find detailed information concerning their ratings and classifications.Since AM Best is the creator of the IFS rating classification and since they are the only credit rating agency to specialize in life.. More

Insurance Agent vs Insurance Broker

Written by Scott W Johnson

Insurance Agent – Insurance Broker Insurance Agent – Insurance Broker – Why it doesn’t matter with life insurance – BUT what really does!​Take Three Minutes to Read this Short Article to save yourself hundreds of dollars per year in life insurance costs… – just three short minutes – 00 Days 00 Hours 03 Minutes 00.. More

Young Family Learns about Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Young Family Learns About Life Insurance:Meet the Garcias a family learning about life insurance.Learn about the Special Life Insurance Option – that most agents may not tell you about.And how they ended up saving over…         $3000 per year Meet the Garcias:The Garcias are a young american family that resides in California… More