Affluent Family Considers Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Deciding on buying a Whole Life Insurance Policy is extremely complicated. The Complex world of Whole Life Insurance requires hard work. You won’t learn what you need to by just trusting one insurance agent. The Boat Anchor that could be Whole Life. The Numbers are Just Half the Story. How One Affluent Family did a Full.. More

How to Check a Rating with AM Best

Written by Scott W Johnson

If you are researching life insurance, Don’t Buy a policy until you check their rating.  Not just any rating but their financial strength rating. AM Best is an Exclusive Insurance Rater The Full Financial Picture can only be seen by reviewing an insurer’s rating. Learn how to check a rating with AM Best Always check.. More

Sample Life Insurance Rates for a 32 Year Old Female

Written by Scott W Johnson

Getting an online Term Life Quote?  Be careful assuming that the lowest rates that you see, are the correct rates for you.   The differences between the correct quote and a haphazard one are tremendous.  Below are sample life insurance rates for a 32 year old female. The 32 Year Old Female: If you are.. More

When considering and analyzing Term Life Insurance Policy Length – one needs to consider the universe of possible options combined with your individual needs.  The needs for  you and your family.  The simplest rule of thumb is often to consider how long it will take your youngest child to reach and possibly graduate college.   So.. More

Should your Non Working Spouse Purchase Whole Life Insurance?

Written by Scott W Johnson

Should your Non Working Spouse Purchase Whole Life Insurance?  When to Consider a permanent Contract for a Stay at Home Mom/Dad. Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that builds up cash value.   The cash value slowly builds over time.   In a typical whole life policy there is little if any.. More

Best Uses of Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

When should you truly consider whole life insurance.  What is its best uses?   When can one consider the cost of Whole Life Insurance to a good potential value? What are the Best Uses for Whole Life Insurance? Great Questions.   In my opinion, level term life insurance is such a great value for most Americans,.. More