Life Insurance Definitions

There are lots of important definitions with all insurance, but especially life insurance.   Life insurance definitions are definitions about various aspects of the insurance industry.

Why Should Consumers Read Life Insurance Definitions?

Consumers should be aware of the terms being used so that they understand what they may be purchasing.

Do Insurance Definitions Really Matter:

They certainly matter as it relates to the life insurance contract that you may be buying, so yes, life insurance definitions matter.

How to Use these Definitions:

Learn what you are buying before signing any paperwork.

Where does WholeVsTerm Get their life insurance definitions from?

It depends, in general we pull our various definitions from trust sources, such as state regulators or financial outfits – we generally attempt to cite those sources.  On rare occasion, where we see fit, we have created our own, by reviewing others and enhancing them.  We also attempt to note this for you to see.

Always consider getting your definitions from an independent source such as Wikipedia or Investopedia or a (your) state insurance regulator.

Ask lots of questions.

Do Not Sign Anything you Don’t Understand.


Written by Scott W Johnson

There are so many definitions in the world of life insurance. Countless times consumers contact us confused. It is too bad. We have put together this simple list of some of the more popular video and written definitions that may be able to assist you in your search for the proper life insurance product.