Life Insurance Video

A life insurance video can help to fully tell the story and procedures of life insurance,

Life Insurance Videos:

Videos about life insurance are used on this website mainly to enhance our written blog format.  Videos, generally short in nature can help explain the basic procedures and what clients need to understand about life insurance.

Some of life insurance video (s) in long form format can also be used to explain in depth situations and or analysis of the various forms of life insurance.

Whole Vs Term Life Insurance believes that life insurance is more complicated than it needs to be.  We attempt to educate the client and assist them in making their own informed decision.

Our Youtube Video webpage can be found here.

We can videos about term, universal, and whole life often, so please check back often.

Life Insurance is Complex, Don’t Wander off the Path, Get Insured with a Simple Term Life Policy.

Confused by life insurance? You are not alone.Life Insurance does not need to be so confusing.Choosing to ignore its complexity could cost you thousands…Life Insurance is Confusing for so many reasons.  I often feel bad for consumers as they attempt to make up their minds.  A good place to start is by reading 19 Great Questions.. More

7 Ways to Protect Yourself When Purchasing Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

For frequent readers of my blog and articles, this is a simple compilation of what we have discussed on numerous occasions.   The most recent post – Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents, reviewed 5 of the most common statements that are made about Cash Value Life Insurance plans – that are indeed often.. More

How to Check the Financial Strength Rating with AM Best Video

Written by Scott W Johnson

How to check a financial strength rating with AM Best. It is extremely important that people check the Financial Strength Rating every time that the consider buying any form of insurance. There are three large national credit rating agencies plus one specialty rater (AM Best) that issue Financial Strength Ratings.​ ​The Three National Credit Rating Agencies are: Moodys,.. More