Business Life Insurance

Business life insurance is life insurance used for business purposes.

Often these are buy – sell agreements or key man insurance.  These may be funded via a Term or Whole life insurance policy.

About Business Life Insurance:

Which is best?   It is usually a case by case basis.

Which is best for a Business Use?   It depends.  A full needs based calculation for the given situation would need to be completed.

What is a Key Man life Insurance Policy? A key man insurance policy is loosely defined as life insurance policy taken out on an important individual to assist in keeping the business running.

What is a Buy Sell Agreement?

According to Investopedia, a Buy Sell Agreement is “an approach used by” small businesses, such as closed corporations ” to divide the business share or interest” for a partner or owner.   The life insurance component may be used to accomplish this task.

Contact a life insurance specialist to discuss.

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