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Whole Vs Term offers a unique blend of information about various insurers.
This often includes:
Full Insurance Companies Name
Full Insurance Company Address
Insurance Company Phone Number and Fax Number
NAIC Number
Financial Strength Rating from three or four insurance rating agencies

We typically review the corporate and governance structure to explain to you, the client how the company is put together.

American United Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

The American United Life Insurance Company is a terrific AM Best A+ XIV Rated insurer that is based in Indianapolis Indiana. The company has roots that stretch back to the 1870s but today they are fully modern and competitive insurer.

Questions and Answers

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance Questions and Answers is our list of some salient questions that we have had about insurance. Some specific, some totally random, we have added numerous questions to this list.

Prudential Life Insurance with Sleep Apnea

Written by Scott W Johnson

Shopping for life insurance when you have sleep apnea can be enjoyable. This condition which causes people to temporarily stop breathing while they sleep can be scary. Many life insurance companies will only accept consumers at a standard non smoker raters, but one carrier – Prudential is open to lower prices for those that have a well treated version of sleep apnea. We love Pruco Life Insurance and if you have sleep apnea as well – you might also.

AIG Non Working Spouse

Written by Scott W Johnson

The American International Group, abbreviated AIG, has a terrific term life insurance option for Stay at home parents (Dads and Moms!) If you are a stay at home parent, a non working spouse, then you may be limited to buying the appropriate amount of term coverage that you and your family require. AIG has great and useful limits in this regard and AIG is often our go to carrier in these situations. AIG also offers very fair pricing.

AIG Cholesterol

Written by Scott W Johnson

Our Article about AIG and Cholesterol focuses on just one insurer. This insurer is a solid consideration if you either have elevated cholesterol numbers, HDL ratios, or… take a medication to alleviate this issue. These medicines, the most common of which are called Statins, are important during the life insurance underwriting review process. American International Group is a great choice for numerous reasons including elevated cholesterol related issues.

Children’s Life Insurance Rider

Written by Scott W Johnson

A children’s life insurance rider is an endorsement added to a Parent’s life insurance policy. The costs for these policies often do not make good financial sense. In general child riders make more sense than true whole life insurance kiddies policies, but their somewhat high cost is not necessarily warranted. Most kiddie policy riders include coverage for all the children in a given family. The debate about children needing life insurance is not necessarily settled., WvT has some opinions on this discussion.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

With a Financial Strength Rating of an A+, from AM Best, Lincoln National Life Insurance is a division of the Lincoln National Corporation. Their NAIC Number is 65676 and they are based in Indiana. Lincoln National is a terrific option for those that want a highly rated term product at a competitive price. Lincoln offers two different term life insurance policies and multiple Universal options. Consider Lincoln for your term life needs.

AAA Term Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

AAA is a home and auto insurer in all fifty states. They are best known for their road side assistance programs and map packs. But buying life insurance from them may or may not be your best life insurance option.

Why Life Insurance Companies Ask for your Social Security Number

Written by Scott W Johnson

Why Do Life Insurance Companies Always want your Social Security Number? Will your number be safe, how will it be used. Is there a federal US law that requires insurers to have and keep your social security number when you buy term or whole life insurance?

Geico Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Can you even buy life insurance with Geico? Does that Gecco sell it all? Geico may be able to save you 15% on Auto Insurance, but unfortunatly Geico themselves doe not technically sell life insurance. Read our Geico Life Insurance Review.