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Whole Vs Term offers a unique blend of information about various insurers.
This often includes:
Full Insurance Companies Name
Full Insurance Company Address
Insurance Company Phone Number and Fax Number
NAIC Number
Financial Strength Rating from three or four insurance rating agencies

We typically review the corporate and governance structure to explain to you, the client how the company is put together.

The Cause for Coronvirus Concern with Life Insurance Investments

Written by Scott W Johnson

The markets are crashing.  Banks are reducing lending. Life Insurance underwriting is wobbling. How Safe are Life Insurers in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic? The future of the life insurance industry might be at a crossroads while a new pandemic hits the world.  The financial dividends paid out by very stable mutual life insurers.. More

CMFG Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

Formerly known as Cuna Mutual Insurance Society, CMFG Life Insurance Company provides life insurance, other insurance, and Financial related products through Credit Unions in the United States.  Their most popular product is the TruStagesCompany Blog Template KeywordCuna Mutual (through CMFG) offers a wide and vast array of insurance and financial products and services.  These include:.. More

Connecticut General Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

The Connecticut General Life Insurance company is a Connecticut based insurer that is wholly owned and operated ultimately by Cigna. Although the carrier offers Group Life Insurance products their main specialty is in Medical, Dental, and Supplemental Medicare policies. They carry a financial strength rating of an A.Connecticut General Life Insurance Company & Cigna:The Connecticut.. More

Aetna Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

Aetna is one of the oldest insurers in the world and has a long and accomplished history. The Aetna Life Insurance company is one member of this family.Aetna Group Life OptionsThe History of AetnaFinancial Strength Rating of AetnaThe Aetna Life Insurance company has been in business for over 150 many years.  Today it provides stable.. More

Suze Orman on Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Suze Orman is a personal financial guru that generally believes that term life insurance is the best use of life insurance for most Americans. According to multiple public remarks on the subject she believes that “Unless you have a permanent need for life insurance—such as a special needs child—term insurance is the better deal for.. More

Is Mutual Life Insurance a Dying Breed?

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance can be offered from Companies that are established in many different ways. One type of company is called a Mutual Insurance Company. These type companies are very popular, especially for those that purchase Whole Life Insurance. But their percentage of Mutuals relative to All Life Insurers are near historic lows.  What is happening to.. More

Farmers Index Universal Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Farmers New World life offers a variety of life insurance policy choices, including Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life. One of their Universal life options is their Index Universal Life (IUL) option. This product is rather complex and the investment calculations are as well. Consumers should consider asking these questions before they purchase their Farmers IUL.

American Heritage Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

The American Heritage Life Insurance Company is an A+ rated insurer that is part of the Allstate Group of Companies offering a wide variety of products. Their AM Best A+ and Policyholder Surplus XV make them a strong candidate for consumers that are already using Allstate for Home and Auto Insurance. But should you buy your term insurance policy through them?

Fitbit Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Fitbit Inc is a San Francisco company, whose corporation is based in Delaware. This fast moving company creates intriguing wearables that measure much of your lifestyle and health information. It can calculate calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, and so much more. Now – Certain Life Insurers are offering points and discounts for those that use the product and regularly meet certain conditions and you may be able to save 15% on your life insurance.

Principal Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

The Principal Life Insurance Company is an Iowa based AM Best A+ Rated Insurance conglomerate. This insurer has a terrific set of Universal and Term Life Insurance policies. Their rider or endorsement selection is very solid.