Life Insurance Process

The life insurance process is different depending on the type of policy you purchase.

About the Life Insurance Process:

The life insurance process for fully underwritten life insurance is as follows:

First off, clients should learn about life insurance and its different forms. This will allow clients to understand what insurance agents are talking about and in some instances allow you the consumer to insist on what you think is best.

Second, get a quote.  It is often best to get quotes from multiple independent agents.

Third, choose one of these agents based not just on the price but more on their ability to discuss your case situation.  A quote for a preferred plus policy for an avid scuba diver is probably worthless.  Each persons situation is different.

Fourth you will fill out an application together, complete with a death benefit and term period.  Be as honest as you can.  Ask lots of questions about the life insurance process.

Fifth you will then see a paramed and complete your paramedical exam.  The paramed will weigh and measure you.  They will take various reading and other medical tests depending on the insurer, your age, and the coverage amounts.

Sixth and finally after waiting a few weeks, you will hopefully receive an offer of life insurance.  Hopefully the offer will come through at the rate that it was quoted at.

Seventh, fully review the life offer. Should you accept this term life offer, you will sign the documents and make the initial payment.

Your life insurance policy will go into force and thus complete the life insurance process.

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