Life Insurance with Medical Conditions

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Questions and Answers

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance Questions and Answers is our list of some salient questions that we have had about insurance. Some specific, some totally random, we have added numerous questions to this list.

Prudential Life Insurance with Sleep Apnea

Written by Scott W Johnson

Shopping for life insurance when you have sleep apnea can be enjoyable. This condition which causes people to temporarily stop breathing while they sleep can be scary. Many life insurance companies will only accept consumers at a standard non smoker raters, but one carrier – Prudential is open to lower prices for those that have a well treated version of sleep apnea. We love Pruco Life Insurance and if you have sleep apnea as well – you might also.

Life Insurance with Statins

Written by Scott W Johnson

When you have high cholesterol and take a commonly prescribed statin medication you might think you deserve better term life insurance rates than a given insurer is offering you. You may be right! Not all insurance companies allow for Statin medications at the preferred plus and preferred pricing levels. In our article about life insurance with statins we discuss various carrier guidelines and which carriers that may be your best choice. Do not go and buy a term policy if you take one of these medicines without reading this short article.

Life Insurance with COPD

Written by Scott W Johnson

Shopping for Life Insurance with COPD can be a big let down. Although easy to get quotes, most of the term quotes that you see will not pertain to you. Our article – Life Insurance with COPD is all about how to shop and save on term life insurance when you have this impairment. COPD can be similar to asthma in many ways when shopping for term quotes, but there are real differences. Read our COPD guide.

AIG Cholesterol

Written by Scott W Johnson

Our Article about AIG and Cholesterol focuses on just one insurer. This insurer is a solid consideration if you either have elevated cholesterol numbers, HDL ratios, or… take a medication to alleviate this issue. These medicines, the most common of which are called Statins, are important during the life insurance underwriting review process. American International Group is a great choice for numerous reasons including elevated cholesterol related issues.

High Cholesterol Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Taken Back by How Much more Expensive Life Insurance is when you have High Cholesterol?On Statin Medications to control it?High Cholesterol Life Insurance is about:How to ShopWhat to DoWhere to Save(and what NOT to do…)Many seemingly perfectly healthy people try buying life insurance only to be surprised that they have a cholesterol problem.  This is.. More

Asthma Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

​Shopping for Life Insurance with Asthma? Using an inhaler daily and getting rejected by insurers? Paying Outrageous Sums for Term Life?(Imagine saving hundreds on term life insurance-and you should.)Because Controlled Asthma Shouldn’t Have to Cost you an Arm and a Lung.Quick Navigation – Asthma Life InsuranceAsthma & Life InsuranceWhy Asthma Can Cost you​More for Life InsuranceTreatments for.. More

Sleep Apnea Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

The condition known as Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that effects large amounts of Americans. Often considered a treatable condition, life insurance companies can often be reluctant to offer low prices to many people that have this condition. As with many medical conditions, shopping for life insurance often involves reaching out to an agent or agency that has done this in the past and is aware of all of the carriers that offer best pricing.