Personal Lines Insurance

Personal lines insurance concerns all insurance that a personal individual might have.   Personal lines insurance excludes commercial exposures.

Typical personal lines insurance would include:

  • Homeowners / Renters Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Motorcycle / RV / ATV / Boat Insurance
  • Personal liability Policies, Other than Personal Umbrella
  • Other Personal Insurance

Often times when we are shopping for life insurance, personal lines insurance can be connected because of home/auto discounts.  Sometimes personal lines is connected because a trust may be involved or perhaps because you can buy your life insurance policy through your home and auto insurance agent.

Some forms of personal lines insurance occasionally can have a very small amount of accident / life insurance built into the policy.  Please read your own policy to determine this.

Insurance for personal lines will cover you and potentially your spouse.  In may also cover your children assuming they live in your home and are under a certain age limit.  Depending on the insurer they may need to be listed on the policy / application / or at least be notified.

As a general rule of thumb, personal insurance excludes almost all commercial or business coverage from the policy.  There are exceptions to this.  However, you would need to get that in writing from your home or auto insurer.  In general once you drive an auto for commercial purposes to make, say deliveries or use your home to conduct a business meeting, there is no coverage.

American Heritage Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

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Annual Premium

Written by Scott W Johnson

What is an Annual Premium? Sometimes also called an Annualized premium, it is a mode of payment for various forms of insurance, including life insurance. There exists differences with the modes of premium payments allowed with different types of insurance, such as business insurance and personal property insurance. In the world of life insurance, the annual and monthly payment modes are typically the most popular option.

Benefits of Life Insurance

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Life Insurance Trust

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