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Sample Rates are for life insurance articles about Sample Life Insurance Rates.

Sample Rates:

Generally Sample Rates uses a given age and sex category to establish a set of prices at, generally, the four basic life insurance health classifications: Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, and Standard.   These will also be defined as either for Smokers or Non Smokers.

Sample Rates does not necessarily constitute a rate that you will pay as much as show examples of what others have paid for term life in other situations.

Life Insurance rate samples are general in nature and are advised for clients wanting an idea of what life insurance ‘could’ cost.  Each person’s situation is unique and dependent on their criteria.   When looking at life insurance rate samples its a good idea to get your own life insurance quote by using the quoting mechanism available on this site.

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46 Year Old Term Life Rates

Written by Scott W Johnson

How much does life insurance cost for a 46 year old? Where to look for term life insurance when you are 46? What it is so important about buying life insurance at 46? 46 Year Old Term Life Rates – Scan for Pricing:   Purchasing term life insurance at 46, may sound like a simple.. More

41 Year Old Sample Life Insurance Rate

Written by Scott W Johnson

Level Term Life Insurance is the type of insurance suggested by most.  Simple, Affordable, Easy to purchase and set for given amount of years.   Term Life Insurance should be purchased for both mom and dad, working or not.   But how much is life insurance for a 41 year old male?  This article Sample.. More

Sample Life Insurance Rates for a 32 Year Old Female

Written by Scott W Johnson

Getting an online Term Life Quote?  Be careful assuming that the lowest rates that you see, are the correct rates for you.   The differences between the correct quote and a haphazard one are tremendous.  Below are sample life insurance rates for a 32 year old female. The 32 Year Old Female: If you are.. More