46 Year Old Term Life Rates

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How much does life insurance cost for a 46 year old?46 Year Old Term Life Rates

Where to look for term life insurance when you are 46?

What it is so important about buying life insurance at 46?

46 Year Old Term Life Rates – Scan for Pricing:


Purchasing term life insurance at 46, may sound like a simple task when you start, but quickly you may end up realizing that it can be a tough job.   The task is typically made more complex because of the age considerations, for both men and women.  There are lot of famous forty six year olds.  At age forty-six many Americans start to have some more health issues, and because of this, it can be harder to qualify for the best classes of term life insurance.  At this age, you may find reaching out to a life insurance specialist is your best bet in order to save money.

Don’t be concerned though, contact a term life insurance specialist to assist you.


46 Year Old Non Smoker,  Male Term Life Rates:46 Year Old Non Smoker, Male Term Life Rates

46 Year Old Male Rates Non Smoker
AmountTerm LengthClass AnnualInsurer
250K10 YearPreferred Plus$210Protective
250K20 YearPreferred Plus$357Banner
250K30 YearPreferred Plus$575Banner
500K10 YearPreferred Plus$357Protective
500K20 YearPreferred Plus$630Banner
500K30 YearPreferred Plus$1,069Banner


46 Year Old Non Smoker,  Female Term Life Rates:46 Year Old Non Smoker, Female Term Life Rates

46 Year Old Female Rates Non Smoker
AmountTerm LengthClass AnnualInsurer
250K10 YearPreferred Plus$187Protective
250K20 YearPreferred Plus$283Banner
250K30 YearPreferred Plus$457Banner
500K10 YearPreferred Plus$312Protective
500K20 YearPreferred Plus$489Banner
500K30 YearPreferred Plus$816Banner

Term Life Insurance Quote

46 Year Old Smoker,  Male Term Life Rates:46 Year Old Smoker, Male Term Life Rates:

46 Year Old Male Rates Smoker
AmountTerm LengthClassAnnualInsurer
250K10 YearPref Tobacco$807Banner
250K20 YearPref Tobacco$1,358North American
250K30 YearPref Tobacco$2,297Banner
500K10 YearPref Tobacco$1,535Banner
500K20 YearPref Tobacco$2,635Banner
500K30 YearPref Tobacco$4,394Banner

46 Year Old Smoker,  Female Term Life Rates:46 Year Old Smoker, Female Term Life Rates:

46 Year Old Female Rates Smoker
AmountTerm LengthClass AnnualInsurer
250K10 YearPref Tobacco$660Banner
250K20 YearPref Tobacco$1,029Banner
250K30 YearPref Tobacco$1,624Banner
500K10 YearPref Tobacco$1,204Banner
500K20 YearPref Tobacco$1,904Banner
500K30 YearPref Tobacco$3,024Banner

Why Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life?

As a general rule of thumb, level term life insurance is the best life insurance choice that most Americans can make.   The opposite type of life insurance, such as Whole Life Insurance, carries a cash value.  Whole life and its sister Universal Life, though are complicated, opaque, and expensive.  For those wanting to consider whole life insurance, much homework is needed.   Term life insurance can be characterized as Simple, Streamlined, and Efficient.   If you end up purchasing term life and then one day decide to get Whole life, you will not have wasted much money.   For those that still want to consider it at a future time, consider Convertible Term Life policy.

Key considerations for 46 year olds shopping for term life insuranceSpecial Considerations for Term Life Candidates, aged 46:

As discussed at age 46, you are likely to have more health issues than at say 36.   However, many health issues once diagnosed and treated may put you in a good place to procure insurance.

To begin with, as you age it becomes more difficult to place you with a carrier.  Don’t assume that you will automatically qualify for the best in class rates.  Simple things, such as high cholesterol can prevent you from the qualifying for the best class.   Other more obvious considerations such as your weight can as well.   Speak with an agent that works with lots of insurance carriers.  Why?  Because an agent that has lots of carriers in his or her bag is more likely to get you priced correctly.

Why Term Life for 46 year oldsWhy Term Life for 46 year olds?

Term Life is a form of pure life insurance that carries no cash value.   Term life is simpler, straightforward, and easier to shop and evaluate that its opposite cousin Whole life insurance.   Term life is also usually far less expensive than whole and universal life insurance.   The one drawback to term life is that it is limited in its time.  For example a 20 year term life insurance policy will generally have life insurance for just that 20 year period.  However enticing it may sound to want to have life insurance though after that 20 year period, one truly needs to do the math themselves. The sales pitch about needing life insurance after you retire is an assumption that an insurance agent may be making on your behalf without first consulting you about your needs and desires.

When asked an open question, such as “Do you want life insurance when you retire?”  Most clients would decline.  However if asked the question “Why would you want your life insurance policy to expire?” Many clients will quickly shrug their shoulders.

46 Year Old Term Life Rates Length:46 Year Old Term Life Rates Length:

For a 46 year old male or female, a thirty year term life policy would get them to the age of 76 years old.   That likely would be long enough to satisfy most financial needs.  The more preferred policy length for someone this age may be a fifteen year level term policy.   A 15 year policy would get them to the age of about 61 years old.   Be weary of the ‘whole life pitch’ that many insurance agents will attempt to make to you.  Unless you  know you want life insurance for your entire life, beware!


What to do after reading 46 Year Old Term Life Rates:What to do after reading 46 Year Old Term Life Rates:

After reading 46 Year Old Term Life Rates you may be inclined to close the browser and say that you have done your job.  But the job is not complete.  Remember, any term life insurance policy is better than no life insurance for most families.  Both Husband and Wife, working or not, need life insurance.

Simply reading about life insurance…

will not protect your family.

Your Next Step is to start the process…. now.

Click on rater to the left.  Email us at sales@marindependent.com . Call us at 415-294-5454 and get the application started today!

Notes About 46 Year Old Term Life Rates:

The above are sample rates and may not be based on you or your underwriting criteria.  Rates based on a California Candidate born in 1971.  Prices subject to change.  There is no guarantee of availability or qualification.  Underwriting is required.   Thank you for referencing 46 Year Old Term Life Rates.

Questions about Term Rates for Forty Six Year Olds.

Question: If these are possible prices for 46 year olds, then how much is it for 47 year olds?

Answer: Everything else being the exact same, generally it will be slightly more expensive.

Question: Is there any reason a 46 year old pays less than a 47 year old?

Answer:  Yes, actuarilly speaking, one year older generally means one year closer to a policy possibly paying out.

Question:  Why is it that a 46 year old man will pay more than a 46 year old women?

Answer:  A 46 year old man will more than a 46 year old women because statistically women live longer and hence are considered cheaper to insure.

Question:  Am I guaranteed of getting these rates?

Answer: No, no one is guaranteed of getting any life insurance rates, or even a life insurance policy.  Everyone’s health and lifestyle situation is different.


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