Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a type of pure insurance.

Whole and Universal Life Insurance are a type of Cash Value Life Insurance that has both a cash/ savings component tied in with the actual insurance.

Whole Vs Term is dedicated to assisting clients in determining which type of life insurance will be best for them.

While whole life can be useful in a few situations, it is often too confusing and too expensive for the vast majority of Americans.

Term life, in contrast, is simple and efficient.  Term life does have drawbacks, such as it may not cover you for long enough, but given its low cost and high affordability index, it solves a lot of consumers problems for a low low price.

In general for most Americans, Whole Vs Term believes that a Term policy may be the best policy.

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California Term Life

Written by Scott W Johnson

Returning from COVID Lockdown? Wondering about Term Again? Want a Great Rate – but Don’t Want to Get caught Up in Whole Life? Term Insurance is Back in 2023: Post Covid Lockdown – Term Life Insurance issuance is back.  With more and more businesses opening and COVID moving into more of a mainstream illness –.. More

When Does BTITR Not Work?

Written by Scott W Johnson

When does Buy Term and Invest the Rest not work? Technically it is not always the best choice for consumers and we highlight some candidates and some instances when whole life might just be your only or best choice.

Why Life Insurance Might be Taxable

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance in the United States is absolutely taxable – regardless of whatever everyone else says. However in general – proceeds from a life insurance death benefit, are often considered to be Federally Income Tax Free. That income free tax status though, does not pertain to numerous other types and kinds of taxes. Even the.. More

Questions and Answers

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance Questions and Answers is our list of some salient questions that we have had about insurance. Some specific, some totally random, we have added numerous questions to this list.

Best Life Insurance 30 Year Old

Written by Scott W Johnson

The best life insurance for a thirty year old is distinct and different from the amount of life insurance that others might need. A simple affordable term policy make be your ticket to financial freedom. Thirty year old consumers can be in vastly different stages of their life and that is why its so important to assess where you are and where are going. Do not make the classic error of not purchasing level term life insurance because you think you are too young to do so.

Best Life Insurance For Young Adults

Written by Scott W Johnson

The best life insurance for young adults is the policy is for those that actually need the insurance and is provided at the lowest cost, with the highest rating, with the most amount of life insurance coverage (for the dollar.) How much and what type of life insurance that you need greatly depends on your life stage. Are you a new parent, graduate student, still living at home, college student, first job? All of these life stages likely have differing quantities and dollars of life insurance needed.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Written by Scott W Johnson

With a Financial Strength Rating of an A+, from AM Best, Lincoln National Life Insurance is a division of the Lincoln National Corporation. Their NAIC Number is 65676 and they are based in Indiana. Lincoln National is a terrific option for those that want a highly rated term product at a competitive price. Lincoln offers two different term life insurance policies and multiple Universal options. Consider Lincoln for your term life needs.

Convertible Term Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Convertible Term Life Insurance is a form of life insurance that allows you to convert it at a later date usually with no further underwriting. There are all sorts of other considerations and terms that must be met. Why convertibles are such a good idea depend on what type of term (soon to be whole life) buyer you are. We find that most clients that are good fits for these products are one of two individuals – Read about these types of people and consider Convertible Terms.

Children’s Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Should you buy a kiddie or children’s life insurance policy? When do these sometimes overpriced policies make sense? Our contrarian insurance agent’s viewpoint is not what you might expect to find. Children’s life insurance, sometimes known as Kiddie policies are life insurance policies for under age children. There are two different ways to procure coverage for minors. One is slightly better than the other.

Disadvantages of Universal Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlights many of the Disadvantages of Universal Life Insurance. IULs, VULs, and GULs all have major issues with them and we provide you with four of the major negatives that are universal with universal life contracts. Lastly at the end of this short article we reveal what the two best alternatives just may be.