Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a type of pure insurance.

Whole and Universal Life Insurance are a type of Cash Value Life Insurance that has both a cash/ savings component tied in with the actual insurance.

Whole Vs Term is dedicated to assisting clients in determining which type of life insurance will be best for them.

While whole life can be useful in a few situations, it is often too confusing and too expensive for the vast majority of Americans.

Term life, in contrast, is simple and efficient.  Term life does have drawbacks, such as it may not cover you for long enough, but given its low cost and high affordability index, it solves a lot of consumers problems for a low low price.

In general for most Americans, Whole Vs Term believes that a Term policy may be the best policy.

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Living Benefits

Written by Scott W Johnson

Living Benefits with Life Insurance? Although the general purpose of life insurance is a death benefit, many insurance policies, even term policies, now allow limited benefits during your lifetime. Although some of these benefits can have significant costs, others can be had for free.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

Written by Scott W Johnson

How Much Life Insurance Do you Need? This simple question is much more complex than many american consumers can begin to know. The old general ten times rule is a great place to start but it is not the be all end all determining factor. Clients need to consider and evaluate their life stage and potentially undertake a full needs based analysis.

Do I Need Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Do I need life insurance – this simple question does not have a simple easy cookie cutter answer. Consider your current life stage and your future plans. Determining your need for life insurance often can involve hard questions where there are no easy answers. Consider our life stages chart.

30 Year Term Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

The 30 year term life insurance policy is the longest of the standard term lengths offered by some life insurers. Most often compared with a 20 year term policy – the debate on which is best for you and your family is up to you. Consider the 30 year policy if you have a need for a longer coverage period or just want the security that it offers.

Life Insurance for Dummies

Written by Scott W Johnson

Life Insurance for Dummies is Our Signature Simple Guide to life insurance. Short, Simple, and Sweet.

How to Save $246,000 on life insurance in 20 years

Written by Scott W Johnson

Can you really save over $246,000 on life insurance by following one simple trick when buying life insurance? All in only twenty years – Your choices on what form of life insurance to purchase are important – make the right ones.

Is Whole Life Insurance a Scam

Written by Scott W Johnson

Read about one of the most common questions that life insurance agents get – Is Whole Life Insurance a Scam? The truth, the whole story, and the numbers to back it up.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

There are so many benefits to life insurance. Whole life, Term Life, Universal Life = they all have numerous benefits. These benefits are broken down by individual characteristics and uses.

The Incontestability Clause

Written by Scott W Johnson

The Incontestability Clause – is a specific time period within life insurance policies that assists consumers after generally about two years. This important component of most life insurance policies is a consumer success story for buyers of life policies. Read about what protections it offers you and what is will not protect you from.

Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Written by Scott W Johnson

The theory of Buy Term and Invest the Difference is one that has been around for decades. In this article we take this theory and put it to the mathematical test. How does it do? What are the benefits of BTITD? The real story and numerous comparisons. Which is better Whole Life or Buy Term and Invest the Rest.