Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a type of pure insurance.

Whole and Universal Life Insurance are a type of Cash Value Life Insurance that has both a cash/ savings component tied in with the actual insurance.

Whole Vs Term is dedicated to assisting clients in determining which type of life insurance will be best for them.

While whole life can be useful in a few situations, it is often too confusing and too expensive for the vast majority of Americans.

Term life, in contrast, is simple and efficient.  Term life does have drawbacks, such as it may not cover you for long enough, but given its low cost and high affordability index, it solves a lot of consumers problems for a low low price.

In general for most Americans, Whole Vs Term believes that a Term policy may be the best policy.

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Limited Pay Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Is limited pay life insurance right for you? Questions, Answers, and the Real Math. Limited Pay life insurance is form of whole life insurance whose benefits last forever but whose premium payments do not. Limited pay policies could be a unique opportunity for you to save real money on your next life policy. Limited pay policies come in numerous policy payment periods.

1000000 Life Insurance

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Decreasing Term Insurance

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What is Decreasing Term Insurance?Decreasing term life insurance is a type of “annual renewable” life insurance whose premiums are typically level, but whose death benefit payout decrease each and every month or year.  Policy length can vary depending on the insurer that you choose.   A decreasing term life insurance policy, could be the type.. More


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Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents

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7 Simple Ways to Save on Life Insurance

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