Life Insurance Story

Stories about life insurance bring home the realities for American Families, the difficulties that exist while they are attempting to determine which type and kind of life insurance is right for them and their family.  A good life insurance story bring home the impact of the decisions that are made.

Often consumers get confused by media noise, pushy life insurance agents, and by the insurance acronyms.

Whole vs Term vs Universal Life – Which Makes the Most Sense?

The reality is that most families just need a simple level term life insurance policy from an A rated carrier.  Stories about life insurance and the trials and tribulations that they go through can help to bring home the full story of insuring the family.

Claims about all the potential benefits of cash value life insurance policies, are just that claims.  Each claim should be considered against the facts.  The same holds true for insurance agents that make benefit claims about the simplicity of term life.  They should, as well be able to demonstrate how simple it really is.

Please enjoy our life insurance stories about Family life insurance and other matters.

Suze Orman on Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Suze Orman is a personal financial guru that generally believes that term life insurance is the best use of life insurance for most Americans. According to multiple public remarks on the subject she believes that “Unless you have a permanent need for life insurance—such as a special needs child—term insurance is the better deal for.. More

Clark Howard Term Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Clark Howard is a Radio, Television, and Podcast Star. He is opinionated about all things consumer concerned and has a significant following online and in the personal financial world. Clark is vocal about life insurance. And we at Whole Vs Term – have appreciated and usually agreed with him and his approach to life insurance… More

Sample Life Insurance Calculation

Written by Scott W Johnson

Confused about how to calculate the necessary life insurance? Read an example of how one family came to the a financial conclusion that saved them tons of money from the typical rule of thumb life insurance calculation. Do not just assume that ten times earnings will work for you and your family, because often it is either too much or too little. They say the devil is in the details and this could not be more true.

Stay at Home Dad Searches for Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

​A suburban Stay at Home Dad searches for Life Insurance – and argues with his wife the whole time. Will Rudy Eldgridge, a stay at home dad buy life insurance more because he truly needs it or because his wife insists on it? Do Stay at home parents really need life insurance?​ How can stay at home dads.. More

Shock Comes to Family that does Not Check Insurers Financial Strength Rating

Written by Scott W Johnson

This is s story about a family that needs to buy life insurance and end up learning a whole lot. Initially they think that their situation calls for just any life insurer, but they end up learning that there are lots and lots of decisions to make. One of the key considerations is the Financial Strength Ratings. These are ratings done by the Credit Rating Agencies. They issue both FSRs and PHS ratings. These are really important considerations for countless american consumers when they go to purchase any type of life insurance.

A Whole Life Insurance Story – Family Pushed to Buy Whole Life

Written by Scott W Johnson

This is a whole life story of whole life insurance. A family considers the complexities of purchasing whole life insurance and compare their specific numbers with simple level term life insurance and are surprised at the savings.Why is Whole Life so Expensive?Do we need life insurance during Retirement?​In order to buy whole life, we would have.. More

Life Insurance for a Young Family (Case Study)

Written by Scott W Johnson

Young Family Learns About Life Insurance (and Leaves their Agent Speechless):Meet the Garcias a family learning about life insurance.Learn about the Special Life Insurance Option – that most agents may not tell you about.And how they ended up saving over…         $3000 per yearMeet the Garcias:The Garcias are a young american family.. More

A comparison of Whole Life vs Term Life for a 40 year Female

Written by Scott W Johnson

Whole Life, Term Life, are you confused about your options? Did a local agent insist you needed whole life so you could be covered forever? A Comparison of Whole Life vs Term Life Insurance The Whole Life and Term Life Options: The good news is that for a healthy forty year old women there are lots.. More

Affluent Family Considers Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Deciding on buying a Whole Life Insurance Policy is extremely complicated. The Complex world of Whole Life Insurance requires hard work. You won’t learn what you need to by just trusting one insurance agent. The Boat Anchor that could be Whole Life. The Numbers are Just Half the Story. How One Affluent Family did a Full.. More