Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of Cash Value life insurance that mixes an investment/cash account with the insurance.   The other main type of life insurance is term life insurance which is pure insurance with no cash account.  The debate between Whole Vs Term insurance is the focus of this website.

Whole life insurance is typically 8 to 12 times more expensive per year. According to the Wall Street Journal has a high incidence of clients abandoning their policies.   Because of the costs and complexities whole life insurance is probably not for most Americans.

There are however a couple of great reasons to consider purchasing whole life insurance such as funding special needs trusts and for truly extremely wealthy Americans.   Some people that can not quality for term life though may need to buy a form of whole life as that may be the only option available to them.

If you are considering purchasing any form of life insurance it is best that you check the Financial Strength Rating of that insurer.

The world of life insurance is confusing, do not get lost.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

Written by Scott W Johnson

How Much Life Insurance Do you Need? This simple question is much more complex than many american consumers can begin to know. The old general ten times rule is a great place to start but it is not the be all end all determining factor. Clients need to consider and evaluate their life stage and potentially undertake a full needs based analysis.

Is Permanent Life Insurance Worth it?

Written by Scott W Johnson

Permanent life insurance is a form of cash value life insurance that may over time build up cash value from deposits and dividends. One of the central questions asked by many is Is Whole Life Insurance Worth it as an Investment? Although whole life insurance is a wonderful product that serves wells many uses, there are numerous headwinds that prevent this antiquated product from being considered a good investment.

Longest A Rated Life Insurers

Written by Scott W Johnson

AM Best has come out with a list of the longest time frames that various life insurer carriers have been rated A or better.  These Longest A Rated Life Insurers list was created from their article.  Keep in mind that A rated or better refers to the following AM Best Financial Strength Ratings: A, A+,.. More

Participating Whole Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

In this short article we will explain exactly what participating life insurance is, who provides it, common and historical rates of return, and answer some simple questions. Part Whole Life policies are a great thing for those consumers that can afford to pay its high annual premium each and every year. Lastly we will discuss the one backdoor method to gaining access to this terrific product.

How to Save $246,000 on life insurance in 20 years

Written by Scott W Johnson

Can you really save over $246,000 on life insurance by following one simple trick when buying life insurance? All in only twenty years – Your choices on what form of life insurance to purchase are important – make the right ones.

How long does the coverage normally remain on a limited-pay life policy?

Written by Scott W Johnson

Learn about limited pay life insurance and how long this form of whole life insurance lasts. Limited pay may be your best option if you want to get the most bang for your buck with permanent insurance.

Is Whole Life Insurance a Scam

Written by Scott W Johnson

Read about one of the most common questions that life insurance agents get – Is Whole Life Insurance a Scam? The truth, the whole story, and the numbers to back it up.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

There are so many benefits to life insurance. Whole life, Term Life, Universal Life = they all have numerous benefits. These benefits are broken down by individual characteristics and uses.

The Incontestability Clause

Written by Scott W Johnson

The Incontestability Clause – is a specific time period within life insurance policies that assists consumers after generally about two years. This important component of most life insurance policies is a consumer success story for buyers of life policies. Read about what protections it offers you and what is will not protect you from.


Written by Scott W Johnson

The Equitrust Life Insurance company is a B++ rated insurer based in Iowa. They offer some really appealing life insurance products. Equitrust is owned by a rather famous american basketball star and has been in business in one form or another since the 1930s. Special caution is given about this life insurance company based on their financial strength ratings.