Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of Cash Value life insurance that mixes an investment/cash account with the insurance.   The other main type of life insurance is term life insurance which is pure insurance with no cash account.  The debate between Whole Vs Term insurance is the focus of this website.

Whole life insurance is typically 8 to 12 times more expensive per year. According to the Wall Street Journal has a high incidence of clients abandoning their policies.   Because of the costs and complexities whole life insurance is probably not for most Americans.

There are however a couple of great reasons to consider purchasing whole life insurance such as funding special needs trusts and for truly extremely wealthy Americans.   Some people that can not quality for term life though may need to buy a form of whole life as that may be the only option available to them.

If you are considering purchasing any form of life insurance it is best that you check the Financial Strength Rating of that insurer.

The world of life insurance is confusing, do not get lost.

Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Written by Scott W Johnson

The theory of Buy Term and Invest the Difference is one that has been around for decades. In this article we take this theory and put it to the mathematical test. How does it do? What are the benefits of BTITD? The real story and numerous comparisons. Which is better Whole Life or Buy Term and Invest the Rest.

Limited Pay Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Is limited pay life insurance right for you? Questions, Answers, and the Real Math. Limited Pay life insurance is form of whole life insurance whose benefits last forever but whose premium payments do not. Limited pay policies could be a unique opportunity for you to save real money on your next life policy. Limited pay policies come in numerous policy payment periods.

Single Premium Life Insurance

Written by Scott W Johnson

Single Premium Life Insurance is a type of whole life insurance. This whole life insurance policy has a death benefit that should (in theory) last forever but have a but one single up front life insurance premium payment. If you are considering buying life insurance, and this site has not yet talked you out of it, than single premium life insurance may be your best whole life option. Single premium is but one type of limited pay life insurance.

Paid Up Additions

Written by Scott W Johnson

Paid Up Additions are additional life insurance purchased on whole life insurance policies through life insurance policy dividends. Paid up additions are a big selling point of many captive whole life insurance agents and can be highly useful to a select few Americans. Learn if you can be one of those select few.

125 Plus A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies

Written by Scott W Johnson

A+ Rated Life Insurance Companies – and Lots of ThemComprehensiveUse as a Reference Learn & UnderstandInsurance Agents often brag about their company’s Financial Strength Rating (FSR) when they are A++. They should. BUT there are over 100 life insurance companies that are also rated A+.  An A+ insurance company is only one notch below A++.  .. More

Life Insurance Trust

Written by Scott W Johnson

All about Life Insurance TrustsTheir Types, Kinds, & FormsA Best Use of a Life Insurance Trust4 Most Common Types used with Insurance(& what to be on the lookout for)Quick NavigationA Life Insurance TrustA Revocable Living TrustAn Irrevocable Living TrustRevocable Vs Irrevocable Definitions:An Irrevocable Life Insurance TrustA Special Needs TrustWhat is Probate?What to Watch out for.. More


Written by Scott W Johnson

The Life Insurance InfographicWhole Vs Term Life Insurance, from time to time publishes useful infographics and piktocharts to help explain life insurance principals, concepts, and costs.  Below are some of our more popular inforgraphics available. Consumers and Businesses are free to republish one of our life insurance infogrpahic as long as the following two criteria are.. More


Written by Scott W Johnson

The Great Debate: Whole Vs TermOver the past twenty years the insurance landscape has changed dramatically.  Gone are the days where consumers could just rely on the opinion of their home and auto insurance agent to recommend a life insurance policy.   Insurance companies have changed, they have specialized, and so have insurance agencies.  .. More

The Top Ten Life Insurance Companies ranked by the Comdex.  The comdex is a ranking of financial strength ratings.  It compiles four different rater’s ratings into one commingled rating. This ‘poll of polls’ rates most of the life insurance companies in the United States. There may be some important considerations that you should be aware of before.. More

Outrageous Claims of Whole Life Insurance Agents

Written by Scott W Johnson

Whole Life Insurance has been around a long time.  However what was once a well oiled machine seems extremely dated by today’s financial standards.  It has been said, by many, that Whole Life Insurance is Sold and Term Life Insurance is bought.  There is a reason for this… But in order to buy term life insurance,.. More